Which Gym? How to pick a good one!

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Get the right gym for you

Unsure about which gym to join and questions to ask?  As a former employee of a major gym chain these tips should help!


Questions to ask/Things to do:

1/Is there a 12 month contract when you join?

2/Can you 'freeze' your membership should you need to?

3/ If you move and there are no gym near your new house, will you be able to cancel?

4/Before you join the gym, visit it a couple of times (ideally at times when you will be going) - are the equipment that you want to use never free?  Or is it quiet?

5/Think about when you will be going, if it is between the day or just at weekends then there may be a discounted membership for you, e.g. some gyms discount people who use it only weekdays between 10am-6pm.

6/Before you go, have a maximum amount that you can afford per month, make sure you do not go over this!  Large gyms have dedicated sales teams aiming to get you to sign up on your first visit.  A good trick they use is breaking the cost down into days e.g. "it works out at just £1 a day" but remember it will be EVERY DAY 365 DAYS A YEAR!

7/Aim not to pay the joining fee unless you absolutely have to!  Two good lines to say are:

"I could join right now if it wasn't for the joining fee"

"(Name of another gym) have a no joining fee offer at the moment, I think I'll head over there as I want to start a membership somewhere today"

7/Don't be 'wowed' by things you won't use, for example don't sign up if you see a brilliant swimming pool and spa if you are never going to use them (this sounds obvious but believe me it happens - you will be guided to the gyms most impressive features first to make you WANT to be a member!)

8/ A big point is not to just look at the big gyms, smaller independent gyms often have cheaper prices and can be considerably quieter!


Thanks for reading and I hope this was of help!  Feel free to visit my Ebay shop for great fitness equipment and sports supplements such as LA MUSCLE.

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