Which Winter Boots Do I Actually Need?

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Every year,  about this time,  I start to think about my winter wardrobe and make the same resolution, this year I am going to be practical, stylish and warm!!!   I always start out with the best intentions and invariably become seduced by the racks of beautiful boots in the store, buy them,  and then get it oh so wrong!   How many times have you bought a gorgeous pair of boots which languish, loved, but unworn in the back of the wardrobe?

Last year, I bought a beautiful soft black suede pair, stiletto heels, knee high, very glam.   I wont name the brand but I gulped when I handed over my card to pay.  You know the feeling, you love them, you will wear them, they are gorgeous............. I have worn these boots a total of one time, yes one time.   They were too dressy for work, they were not practical for weekends, they didn't  look right over jeans.  They were beautiful, yes - on someone else.

This is year I am going to get the right boots, well right for me.    Boots are expensive, even if you are a savvi shopper and take advantage of the sales or the great nearly new items on Ebay, a good pair will still set you back quite a bit of your hard earned cash,  so how can we make this winter investment perfect for us and make sure we actually wear them.

Before I even set foot in the shops, or get out the laptop,  I am going to make a list, yes over the top and a bit bonkers  I know,  but I am writing an actual list of what really I need from my boots.    In my case, I work in an office which is pretty hot so don't really need warm boots at work, I need to get there though, so something I can walk in would be good, also I go shopping, riding and yes, the occasional night out,  so I'm thinking something lowish, easy to walk in,  maybe in soft leather, so far so good, now style?  

This is where it gets tricky, flat biker boots with tread sole would be practical but  don't look good on me with smart office skirts but at weekends, with skinny jeans, they look great!   High heeled,  knee high,  glam boots, maybe in suede, oh no,  I've been there before, maybe in soft leather, yes, in a gorgeous colour, these will be lovely for nights out, but can I walk to work? Probably not.  I seem to need about 10 pairs to fit every occasion!   I'm going to need a bank loan!   No, thats ridiculous, I'm a normal, well trying to be normal, women,  who is not acting very normal  at the moment,  I'm writing a list of what I need in a boot and think I may have watched Bridget Jones Diary just one too many times !

I think I usually make the mistake of trying to get a 'one pair fits all occasions' boot, probably because I don't have oodles of cash to buy truckloads of boots.   This time I have worked out what I actually need from my boots!   I want something that looks good with jeans or work skirts, is practical for running around in during the day and looks goods with trousers for nights out as I rarely wear skirts in the evenings.  It my case,  thats no knee high boots with stiletto heels or flat tread boots. 

 As one pair definitely wont 'fit all',  I have settled on two pairs, yes more money I know but hopefully I will actually wear them.   I am going to go low, well ankle boot low; I really only wear skirts for work and mostly live in jeans or pegged trousers, so this is the best option for my style.

I am now searching for one perfect pair of ankle boots in suede leather, the best quality I can afford, with highish but wearable block heels which will be perfect for nights out or with smarter work skirts,  the other, in soft leather,  slightly chunkier, maybe chelsea boot style,  with a lower block heel,  and toasty warm lining for colder or snowy weather, yes it may snow, but definitely not for Christmas!   These will be great with my daytime outfits for shopping and generally running around in, okay, not running but walking very fast and oh,  maybe riding a horse, random I know and ride is probably pushing it a bit as I'm only on my fourth lesson,  but I still need boots!

In my case, it was ankle all the way and knee high was just not needed, my friend however, well her style is completely different,  she never wears trousers so I may give her my gorgeous black suede, knee high, glam stiletto boots and free them from the back of my wardrobe,  they will be perfect for her............  good luck with finding your perfect style and have fun!
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