Which Wireless Router Do I Need? Virgin, BT, etc.

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There are two main types of routers available on the market. These are Cable Routers and Modem Routers. This guide explains which type of router you require for different types of internet connections to ensure you buy the correct product. Clicking on the titles below will link to items available in these two categories. If you find this guide useful please let eBay know by clicking the button at the bottom, Thank you.


These routers do not have a modem built in, therefore require an external modem to connect you to the internet. The modem is connected via a RJ45 port using a Cat-5e type cable (you can also use Cat-6 and Cat-6e)
In the UK Cable Routers are needed for VIRGIN MEDIA and NTL customers who have cable into their homes and do not use a BT type phone socket to receive their internet. It is worth noting that Virgin do offer an Internet connection over phone lines, although not very popular it is still worth noting.
When you sign up for VIRGIN MEDIA (or NTL) you will be provided with a modem, which, can initially be plugged directly into your computer or laptop to use the internet. There are also often bundles available which include wireless routers, although it is often cheaper to not take this bundle and buy a router separately.


Modem routers have a modem built into the unit. The modem routers connect directly to your phone line through a filter (provided by your internet provider, although also often included with modem routers.) The router is setup with your username and password and internet provider details and automatically connects to your internet.
The details required are normally obtainable from your internet provider, often provided in literature sent to you or off the provider’s website. If you are struggling to find the details you need Google your internet provider for a solution, or contact your Seller - we always assist our buyers with setting up their routers and I am sure other eBay sellers do too.

Popular internet providers which require modem routers include (but is not limited to!):
BT, Tiscali, Orange, Sky, TalkTalk, PlusNet, AOL, Be, Post Office,
3G Wireless Broadband:

There are now several phone companies offering wireless internet "on the go". Although not as fast as home broadband, if you live near a 3G enabled phone mast it can be a cheaper solution for people who use the internet for very light browsing. At present there are no routers available which will share this Internet connection around a house.

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