Which breast-pads should I use?

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Well I asked this question with all 3 of my children, and with all 3 of them I ended up using the same pads. So I thought with my experience of just under 4 years in total of breast-feeding I thought I would offer advice on my experience with breast-pads.

Their are loads on the market and when you first start breast-feeding the the most comfortable ones are the re-useable Avent pads. You get 6 pads in a draw-string bag and the cotton on the pad is so much more comfortable than the coverings on the disposible pads. But once the milk comes in I found I was un-able to keep on top of the washing and drying so I keeped the re-useeable pads for emergency stand-by and resorted to disposiable pads. I tried Avent, Tommee-Tippee, Maws, Boots and Mothercare and althought he Avent ones were the best as they are bigger and have a stickey tag to help keep the pad in psoition better the boots ones just seemed tohave that little bit more absorbation. But if I have to say the best one's out of the dsposable ones are the boots ones I would be lying. The most comfortable and value for money are the Avent disposable.

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