Which courier to choose??

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The cheapest is not always the best

Time and time again sellers are getting poor feedback due to no fault of their own but because of the courier that had been selected. Just because you have been quoted a low price doesn't mean that it will be the best option!

Problem couriers

These couriers that I am about to mention are based on my experience and also from the experience of family and friends.
>> Yodel. At least 90% of the time there isn't a problem. Sometimes Yodel will deliver under the name of "Home Delivery Network Limited (HDNL)", that's what they were called before 2006.
On a  few occasions, Yodel has not delivered parcels either on time or at all. It is important to keep track of the item online. If I didn't check the tracking then I wouldn't have known that a couple of times they apparently said I was out when they delivered, which was a lie because I stayed home all day and I had the cctv to prove no one showed.
The problem is when this situation happens, you obviously need the "missed you card" to find a special reference number and the phone number for the depot. It is  not always the easiest to find contact details for Yodel but when you do the people at the depot I must admit are very helpful to make sure they find and hold the parcel for you which they blame on miscommunication with the driver.
Another issue I had in the past is when I requested Yodel to collect a parcel. Never showed, tried to arrange for a recollection. Again same problem and resulted in booking with another courier.

>> myHermes. In my experience similar service to Yodel. Anyway, a couple of times when arranging for a parcel to be collected either it is beyond the stated collection time or they don't show up until the next day that was stated which is frustrating if you want the parcel delivered within a limited amount of time.
Their main problem is their customer service. I mean you need more than luck to get a good satisfying response. Don't always give you a straight answer. For example, the online tracking says that the parcel has been collected or delivered which it hasn't, call customer service and they say wait until last collection/delivery time or they will argue that it must have been collected/delivered because the tracking says so! When they do agree that the item is lost, you go through an extensive process.

>> TNT. On the delivery side I personally have no had a problem but a few relatives and friends have said their time keeping is poor and drivers attitudes aren't always the best. I have only seen them to have problems on larger/bulky items. Also, always check the number of items you are signing for because if you are expecting multiple items and only receive one but sign for it without looking at the paperwork properly then it is difficult to claim compensation for missing items later.
In regards to their collection service. Same as MyHermes. They don't show when they are suppose to and when you call them then they just say they will show the next working day but don't give an explanation to why they didn't show in the first place.

My personal choice - City Link via Interparcel

The last few years I have been using the Interparcel website. They are a company that works with couriers and they give you a quote for your parcels. You either ask them to collect from you or you can drop it off at specified stores.
They do list the 3 couriers that I listed above as an option, BUT PLEASE do not select them because I can name two better couriers below via Interparcel.
>> City Link has never let me down on any level and the Interparcel website gives me a competitive rate. They are usually quite good with the collection time slot. I normally pick between 10am-6pm and they have never collected later than 12pm and for deliveries, my courier driver usually delivers before 3pm, but obviously the times can vary depending on the courier in your area.
Anyway, I have never had a missed collection or problems with delivery. My buers have never complained to me. Interparcel can also send you a notification of when the item is delivered and the name of the person that signed for the delivery.
>> Interparcel Economy/UPS. You will see the UPS logo so you will be able to recognise which option I am on about. Similar to City Link and I have not had a problem. I list this courier as an option because sometimes it can be cheaper than City Link and vice versa


Like I have already mentioned, these opinions are based on my own experience. I have used Interparcel for a number of years to select couriers through them. After trying out different companies I can say City Link and UPS are the most consistent for me. Price is reasonable and the service is always great. Courier drivers are friendly and very helpful.
Thanks for your time to read this!
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