White Metal / Resin Kit Assembly.

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All parts, both metal and resin, should be cleaned  prior to assembly. I wash White metal in Warm soapy water to remove the greese & muck.. The castings should have any marks of the moulding process removed ie Sprue Marks or mould parting lines etc. The White metal can usually be easily bent back into shape if it has been misshaped.. Bowed or bent resin parts need to be warmed either in hot water or with a hairdryer to enable them to be corrected. Then cool in cold water to set. Any Dents in either material can be filled with Milliput. I Usually Use standard Milliput Yellow-Grey.

Always do a dry 'Run' of fitting parts before you glue.. This gives you the chance to make any adjustments to the parts & may aid more accurate assembly. Always Make sure the Kits are clean & free from grease or oxide layers. Roughening the surfaces slightly with wet & dry paper or 'emery' will Help give the Epoxy something to grip onto. Rapid setting 2 part epoxy resin can be used but it does need to be supported until dry.Super glue is a good quick fix or will bond in seconds enabling you to apply the Epoxy.I have found Super glue does crystalize after a while . I Recommend Devcon 5 Minute epoy, But any others are just as good. I usually mix up a tiny amount & apply to the Model with a cocktail stick. Low-melt solder and a suitable soldering iron is an alternative for metal to metal parts. This takes a little practice and makes very strong joints, but be prepared for a few melted castings along the way ! Gaps in assemblies can be filled with the Milliput.

Ready for Painting

Allow completed model to dry thoroughly. You Need to  wash & degrease before application of any paint. This is particularly important if solder and flux has been used. Wash in a solution of Washing Powder or any degreasing agent. Washing up liquid can leave a film on the model surface, so it is best avoided. Rinse and allow to dry once again. Apply a coat of primer to the whole model. Humbrol do a great range of Acrylic Paints. The model can now be hand painted with acrylic model/craft paints. if it is to be used outside, then a sealing coat of an appropriate varnish or lacquer may be required to protect the finished item. When Finished stand back & admire your Work.
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