Who knows when you pop into FAKE ebay website, Warning!

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Decebmer UPDATE !!!

Be careful for malicious or fake eBay websites/ URL ; the most probable solution is the eBay Toolbar and account guard which keep tracks of your password.


Pls note this guide is not intended to build reputation or gather votes, it was truly meant to expose the effect of fake ebay websites. So please vote YES if you would like it to remain visible to millions of members who are still ignorant of its cause & effect. The main goal is to keep ebay safer to do business and reduce the alarming threat and unpleasant vulnerability to eBay community.


Rapidly growing fraudulent URL (fake eBay websites ) designed by technically savvy attackers has led to big concern for eBayers because truly it may be very hard to fish out the discrepancy even if one is very technical, this is because due to the level of expertise invested in it.

*PLS NOTE*  spacing in between the URL /address is meant to prevents the address from linking to an outside link which is not permitted by ebay.
A typical Ebay sign in URL looks something like this:

https ://signin.e bay. co.uk /ws/eBayISAPI.dll ?SignIn&_trksid=m37

Fraudulent ebay URLs may have most part of the URL above but there will always be something that differentiate it. In most cases it is the " ISAPI" or the " signin" which may be replaced with something like "|SAP|" and "sign-in" respectively, please note the difference!
Sometimes the design is delimited by double && and/or @ sign.

I was able to spot this out after installing eBay toolbar and running to a couple of website that looks almost 99% like ebay website, the tool bar will actually let you know when you enter such malicious websites.

Some of the effects of this bad sites is that they will be able to highjack your ebay account for bad runs, collect your details as you already gave them your username and password if you entered it. so please be advised to look out for this.

I strongly recommend the ebay toolbar with account guard, you really need to see it in action if you enter the fraudulent ebay url by accident.

Hope this guide help you or someone you know.

Please vote YES to make the advice visible to others , together we can reduce the alarming threat and unpleasant vulnerability to eBay community.
Thank you for reading through. your feedback will also be highly appreciated.

You can download it from the following link:  if doesn't link you can copy it into your browser.
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