Who owns who in the computer shops in the high street

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Did you know? Emachine originates from USA, The company appeared in September 1998, as a joint venture between Korean monitor maker Korea Data Systems (KDS) and Korean computer manufacturer TriGem, who just happen to make the system boards inside these computers. In addition the trademark Advent and Medion both sold through the same high street retailer. Users of the Advent T1 all in one computer will be keen to note that the system they bought, was manufactured  ( see my guide on this pc elsewhere in my ebay guides ) by the Korean based company and expensive as it is, is not easily or economically repaired when the motherboard fails

In 2004 rival Gateway Computers bought Emachine. Gateway was purchased by Acer in October 2007, and eMachines is still used as a brand for low-cost PCs. In addition Ei Systems , a Spanish based company were acquired and their range of computers was also added to the range on offer in the same high street retailers.

Before the company went private in 2001, eMachines' desktop components were generally considered of poor quality. So what has changed then when they say they are now more reliable ? Nothing at all because they are still just as unreliable as they have always been.

So it all ties up really, the same brand name computers which all suffer with the same hardware problems are built on the same chassis, using the same components for sale in the same high street shops. 

Market domination with a common product with a common problem. Something wrong here?


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