Why Buy Canvas Printmaker Canvas Prints?

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With the advent of digital printing there are many companies offering canvas prints on the market, so why should you buy from Canvas Printmaker? Well, as we have over ten years of printing experience and most of our work comes from repeat orders and word of mouth, we must be doing something right!

At Canvas Printmaker we use the most modern printing methods so that your canvases will last a lifetime, which many of our competitors don’t do:

We only use original manufacturer inks which are guaranteed not to fade as they have been laboratory tested to ensure there will be no fading. The colour range of these inks is the best on the market resulting in vivid colours and deep blacks which bring your canvas prints to life. Beware of shops using copy inks which have no light-fast guarantee – always check this.

Varnishing is also an essential step in the creation process as it protects your canvas from abrasions and scratches. It also acts as a barrier from harmful U.V. rays, gives depth to the colours, and because it is moisture resistant you can wipe your canvas clean when it gets dusty! Beware of shops offering same day canvas prints as they are not applying any varnish to the canvas. It takes a full twenty four hours for the varnish to cure properly and if you get a canvas without varnish then you will mark it when you try to clean it!

High quality stretcher bars are absolutely essential to prevent warping over the years. We only use naturally dried stretcher bars which do not warp or twist. Beware of companies using “green wood” forced dried in kilns. This wood is usually rough to the touch and is prone to warping and twisting as moisture is steadily released over time – usually after you cannot get your money back!

We only use FSC certified stretcher bars which come from sustainable forests. If there is no FSC logo stamped on your stretcher bars then there is no guarantee that the wood has been sourced from sustainable forests. Stretcher bars that come from non-sustainable forests are ecologically damaging to the environment and should be avoided.

We take time and effort to check your photos properly for colour, resolution and layout. If we can print your canvases better by suggesting a different size, design or enhancing the colours then we will do this. All of this makes the difference, with many of our customers recommending us to their friends and family and coming back to us time and time again.

We keep you informed as much as possible and always email proofs of how your canvas prints will look prior to printing them to make sure you are happy with the layout. Your order will be completed quickly and we notify you when it has been despatched so you know when to receive it.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Canvas Printmaker

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