Why Buyers are Better off Paying by Paypal

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Many buyers appear reluctant to pay by paypal, but there are real advantages to it. The main one is that it gives the buyer protection if the item they have paid for doesn't arrive. Other advantages are that it is free, usually quick, simple and allows easy refunds if something goes wrong.

If you pay by cheque or postal order and the item does not arrive, you can complain to ebay, but ultimately ebay can't take money off the seller. However, Pay pal can and does. Paypal demands that the seller provides a trackable postal service and if a buyer can't provide that, it usually gives the buyer a refund.  Needless to say, this does not always please the seller.

Paypal is free to buyers (but it cost sellers) and is generally quick to set up. If something goes wrong, it is far easier to refund the payment by paypal than to send cheques back, which can be a real pain!

Personally I always pay by paypal when I can.


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