Why Buyers should think before giving negative feedback

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Okay, buyers can now give negative and neutral feedback without worrying about sellers giving negatives and neutral feedback in response.  Does this mean that there is no consequences to leaving negative or neutral feedback and that buyers can now do what they want? Is this true? No!! Sellers can still leave negative comments, which can have serious consequences for buyers. If you want to see an example, see my response to an unfair neutral that I was given today. Now, most sellers won't look at that particular feedback as it is technically a positive, but some will, especially if they are selling higher value items and I would hazard a guess that this would put many sellers off dealing with that individual. So my recommendation is that you think very carefully before leaving negative or neutral feedback to a seller and communicate with them before you do so. Oh and not to mention that a seller can block you from buying from them in the future and you never know when that seller will be selling something that you want!

Oh and don't forget that if you leave negative or neutral feedback to a seller when you haven't paid, it will be removed anyway!!

If you are 100% certain your feedback is fair and you have contacted the seller and got no response, feel free to leave a negative or neutral, just don't kid yourself that a seller can't do anything in response as this is untrue and could leave you with a negative comment that you would prefer not to have!

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