Why Doesn't my UPVC System Work When I lift the Handle?

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A number of Multi-Point Locking Systems (MPLS) double lock when you lift the handle and turn the key fully.  There are other different ways of locking some systems, but this guide refers to those that lock with the key once the handle has been lifted.

Sometimes, if the door has dropped or there has been a small amount of movement in the structure of the frame, users may find that the door becomes more difficult to close and lock, or it closes but the key will not turn fully once the handle is lifted, or it will not lock at all once the handle is lifted.  A good measure to see if there has been some movement is to open the door fully and check the locking mechanism by lifting the handle and throwing the key as if to lock it.  If it locks easily with the door in the open position but not when the door is closed then you could well do with some adjustment somewhere on the system.

Often, this situation can be overcome by checking the throw of the deadlock, the latch, rollers and rhino hooks against the relative position of the corresponding keeps.  Make sure that they line up so that when the system is 'thrown' everything locates evenly in the respective keep.  If you find that they do not line up then it may be that some minor adjustment is required.

Sometimes there will be adjustment on the hinges themselves, but often, particularly on older MPLS it will be necessary to re-site or adjust the keeps as required.  Some keeps have adjusting screws, but most will need to be removed and completely re-fixed in line with the corresponding lock, latch, hook or roller.

It’s always worth checking this aspect before deciding to buy a new gearbox or system if you think it is faulty or broken as they can be expensive as opposed to simple system adjustment.  For more information or queries then please contact us.

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