Why I test my Motherboards

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When I first brought on ebay, I found I had to buy at least 5 boards just to get one that worked well,  I realized that most sellers of this type of hardware did not give any indication if the product worked or any other description or information,  After I was unable to continue in my present occupation due to injuries sustained in an assault I decided to investigate further this eBay cult, and found that I could do something useful here.  

 I started to sell PC hardware and was rewarded when I recieved several feedbacks from buyers who thanked me for selling them a board that worked,  as some of them had encountered the same issue;s I initially had, I also decided then I would make this my focal point of what I do, to bring to the market tested and working motherboards so buyers need only have to buy one item that works for thier usage rather than play the lottery and spend X amount of money buying dead and useless items not forgetting the added cost of returned postage.

Obviously I have made a few closeted emeries who dislike  this idea as it brings thier activity into the light, and I suppose how can they now justified selling untested items when they deal specifically in this business and it should be no loss but gain for them to test and list thier items as tested and working???. this has made me some enemies, others  feel threatened and they really believe by trying to destroy the good work I started out doing would put me of and push me to give in.  They also believe they will sell more of thier items?

Some buyers will take the risk and buy untested items should expect them not to work as I have learned when I brought such items, all were bad and showed obvious signs of being tested, some still had thier cmos headers jumper on the 2-3 position obviously the tester had forget to reset to the 1-2 normal position.

Also thier are buyers who take the ???? and have no knowledge or skills but try thier luck and mess up, only to psyc  them- selves up before sending treating emails blaming me for thier failure and mess,  this is normal behavior for such people because they not only refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes by destroying a fully working item either through lack of care/over-clocking or using faulty ancillary items, they also refuse to take responsibilty in thier every day life, and this is no surprise.

The lowest form are those  who set out to scam and defraud you,  they try to use the treat of leaving a bad feedback if they do not get what they want, some sellers give in,  or they take out false paypal claims, I have spoken to several sellers who encounter this regularly as myself, Thier are those that spoil things for every one else, I suppose they have a self belief they are cleverer than every one else and smarted, then why do they not use this higher intellect and make some serious money instead of trying to rob ebay sellers selling used items worth nothing compared to the mega bucks teey can make with there advance intelligence and con-man like skills???

To sum-up  I have some regular clients who have brought repeatedly over the years items I have listed, and These are the buyers I list for and those who value good morals and honesty and working motherboards.

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