Why I would not buy the BT 6500 quad set of phones

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As we are OAPs we liked an earlier set of phones we had where the answer machine beeped if a message was left when we were not in. We knew immediately that we had a call to deal with. When we decided we needed a quad system we bought a set of Panasonic phones which were great in all respects except they did not have this beeping facility.On numerous occasions we forget to look for a flashing light on the answer machine which indicated that we had had a message left. As a result we decided to try to find a quad set where the answer machine could be set to beep.
The BT 6500 phones do that facility and, having done a bit of price comparison, we found the cheapest deal for new phones was on Ebay. I had read some reviews and one of the common features throughout was the lack of information supplied with the set (detailed info. can be downloaded from the internet but it was about 70 pages in all).
I bought this set and it seemed easy to set up so we were initially quite pleased. However, as we began to use the phones it became very evident that there was a real problem with them. The caller would 'break up' or their voice would vibrate and we were told that this happened in reverse with our voices. My husband downloaded the huge technical information and tried various things that he thought could be a problem. Eventually, in frustration, as we had wasted a lot of time on this I contacted BT itself. They checked the line and said it was fine but that they could not give me any technical information about  the actual phones themselves which might solve the problem. However I was given a phone number for a BT shop which 'would certainly be able to help me'. The number was not available and even after googling phone numbers for other BT shops around the country I gave up after several attempts to contact various ones were unsuccessful.
The result was that BT could not help, the downloaded information was no use, and the seller did not have the technical  knowledge how to help either. I sent the phones back to the seller and we reinstalled the old panasonics which worked perfectly.
As the phones were brand new I would advise anyone to be aware of this possible problem.
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