Why Should You Get a Personal Domain Name and e-mail?

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It is a good idea to get a Personal domain name and e-mail account as soon as possible - Plan to keep it for life!

The majority of people an e-mail account from their internet provider, or many use a free account. Whilst this may suit a lot of people consider getting a personal domain to use for your e-mail address and consider having a blog as a bonus.

Whilst I have many domain names registered to me the most important domain to me is my own name.

If you use the e-mail address from your provider what happens when you want to move your account? You've got it - You loose your e-mail address! Now nobody can contact you and you have to get in touch with your new details. Also if you have a lot of accounts with stores, Newsletters etc. Many have the email address as a username or or again all contact is with the email address that you no longer have.

If you do register a domain name you might as well put a website up as a bonus. This might be a family site or blog - Or a site to do with your hobby.

Availabilty - Decide if you want a family domain or a personal one (I suggest both) and look to see if it is available. Find a link on my "About me" page to one of my sites where you can check if the domain is available.

Extensions - It is usually thought that a .com domain name is the best TLD (Top Level Domain). If you can get one then great, or consider getting a domain for your own country e.g. .co.uk for the United Kingdom or .org (Organisation) or .info. Personally I always try to get .com and .co.uk. These are all available at a discount through my "ebay store". If I couldn't have got brianegerton.com I would have considered brian-egerton.com or thefamilyegerton.com. Be Creative! You can renew .com domains for between 1 and 10 years. If you register for a longer period it might help with search engine optimisation in the future.

Provider - When you register your domain make sure that you can move it at any time. It's no good getting a FREE domain name with a hosting account if you can't transfer it if you need to. - You're held to ransom. Many providers will charge you for unlocking your domain. - Don't fall for it.

Blog - If you have a domain name you may as well get a site or a blog. For a range of templated sites or blogs visit my "ebay store" and get a low cost package. Domain name, webspace and blog (all set up) together with a full e-mail account and webmail for every member of your family for a small monthly cost.

E-bay - If you decide to buy from ebay look for a trader that has been about for a while and look for a reasonable feedback of 1000 or more. It's far too easy to buy a number of cheap items to build up a fake feedback. - Beware. Don't be conned - Look for good service and expect it.  "Feedback"

If you have more questions then they may be answered at "Frequently asked questions" or "Contact Me" and I might write another guide.

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