Why Vintage Designers Pieces? How to Spot a Fake.

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Ebay and vintage.

Why Vintage Designers Pieces?

You are getting quality for a great price. Think about the cheap items in the wardrobes that don’t last more than 1 year or a few washing cycles and compare to getting a well made, tailored unique item that with general care last 5 years or more. Yes, I have pieces that I have worn for over 10 years as a classic and a beautiful piece. So a £/$/ Euro 20.00 item that needs replacing or updating can be costing you £/$/ Euro200.00 or more. Whilst a well made and cared garment would last for the entire length of time; it is about value, less waste (landfill sites) and a part of history. The budget would be better given over to a well designed and made garment that lasts over time and is a collector item – the reason why Museums around the world are buying pieces for their archives. Art & use combined – so you collect and enjoy at the same time.

I see accessories and clothes that can be bought for £/$/ Euro 200.00 in stores which can be found for less and very well made pieces using eBay search for the original piece. After all, fashion designers are renowned for searching for items and pieces in second hand stores as inspirational pieces for their next collection. So why not join the game and get to the source.

The trend to follow celebrities and their stylists for key looks can be obtained for less by searching for vintage rather than waiting for a retro look to get in the store with its high overhead costs – you are paying for the rent, staff and other retail costs.

It is not country made specific that indicates quality but the level of tailoring and finishes description, due to the different level of quality between high street/ mass market, designer, couture – it is in the finishing– lining, buttons and details.

Reasons why to go for vintage:

  • Unique piece, you not looking the same as anyone in the party – no need for herd mentality
  • Well made and long lasting
  • Piece of History
  • Collector item
  • Cheaper than current designers in stores – vintage Chanel is always going to be cheaper than going to the Chanel Boutique arm with your credit card.

How to spot a Fake:

  • Price – if someone wants to sells an item for 1% of the retail price (£5.00 instead of £500.00) and the design is a new or current style, warning bells rings!! Why didn’t they get a refund/store credit from the store and get something else?
  • Details of finishing – important to know about buttons, linings, labels.
  • Small starting price for a vintage item (not from a recent buy collection) is fine but do ask questions and they should be able to answer. Ask for extra photos – close up of buttons and also of stitching (of hem/cuff)
  • Plus beware if they have more than one item – designer goods all the same style in different sizes – only good if they are from retail stores selling off their stock. Caution if it is an individual.
  • Ratings of seller and time registered with eBay – if they been around a long time they not going to mess their ratings. So this is a good indicator.
  • Some have packaging and cards with reference number to prove authenticity – ask for reference number of card – and check with the actual design companies. Even, better ask for receipt of goods as well since it would show which store it was bought from.Otherwise the authenticity card should have the store details and stamp on it.
  • Ask about return policy – those that don’t mind and know their item is legit will take it back for a refund. Note all return must be the same condition as send – if tags are missing, smoky smell or been worn there is very little chance of refund.



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