Why are caricatures so popular?

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The century of high technology has made a huge impact on modern art. Still the classic pencil caricature remains the most popular.

Why a caricature?
First of all a caricature is always personalised. It is always about a particular person, that why clients always get excited while their caricature is being drawn. Also a caricature play at least two ( might be more) roles. First of all it is a home-warming item for your home, a traditional gift you do for your family (having a family caricature portrait is a tradition). Secondly, it is a form of customised art that the artist draws for you.

How are caricature drawn?
Caricatures can be drawn, using different materials. Currently, in our shop we draw in 3 styles of drawing :
-in graphite pencil or graphite
-in color graphite pencil or graphite
- on drawing pad
(alternative name: cartoon)
All caricatures are 100% hand-drawn.

Caricature as a gift:

What are the advantages of the caricature as a gift?
Check out our shop and you will get  overwhelmed by the styles and themes that we offer.
The most popular themes are: Superheroes, Star wars and of course Romantic theme.
Needless to say that each caricature is customised, based on your preference.
Caricature is perfect to be given as: Birthday gift, Wedding gift, Anniversary gift, Retirement gift etc.
Alternatively it can be used as cards or invitations. Caricatures are especially popular for Wedding or Save the date invitation.

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Buying a caricature on ebay

Our clients receive their caricature as a digital file, that is sent for their approval (digital file remains to them). After that the caricature can be:
-printed on 15x15 inches canvas
-sent as a A4 or A3 original drawing
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