Why biodegradable is the best way to remove concrete stains

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Bringing your decor up to scratch is important in creating a streamlined effect which focuses on detail at every level. Cleaning up after decorating also comes in to the element of making the ideal look for your home.
The removal of cement stains is just as important as removing paint stains from light switches or rust from your garden furniture. It's an easy DIY task that needs to be done in order to achieve a stunning stain free appearance in your home.
Achieving effective cement removal doesn't need to be a hard task. All the products on the market have their own way of removing unwanted cement stains but not all of them are suitable for all surfaces. Choosing the right product is crucial to avoid any unnecessary extra costs or work.
Many highly acidic formulas such as phosphoric acid are great for efficient removal of concrete but most acids are known to burn the surface underneath. Depending on whether you are working on a varnished surface, brick or masonry the effect can be damaging, making the choice of product so important.
With a biodegradable product like Biostrip Concrete Remover the issue of burning the surface is not a problem. With a solution which is strong enough to break down the bond of cement but gentle enough to not cause harm it is the perfect product to use. Being tough on the cement the solution is designed to be safe to use on any surface whether it is made from mortar, tiles or even granite.
The speed of the process for any concrete removing product varies depending on the thickness of the concrete and other factors such as the temperature of the room. Sometimes needing a second coat the process is simple enough to leave it be and continue working on other jobs whilst waiting. To get faster results it is ideal to conduct the task on a day which is not humid or hot.
Though both products can effectively be left to it, it is safer to leave the biodegradable solution. The toxic alternative solution of phosphoric acid releases toxic fumes and can in some cases cause skin burn for young children or pets. An organic based solution doesn't have the chemicals so it does not release as many fumes. Meaning that for the same results and a safer home the Biostrip Concrete Remover is the best option for safe removal of cement and concrete stains.
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