Why buy printer memory?

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Lets face it, most people buy a printer, stick it on the desk, and never really give it much thought.

You often hear about people upgrading their pc, adding more memory to get better performance, but did you know, some printers can be dramatically improved by adding more memory?


The HP Laserjet range, including such great workhorses as the lj 4+, 5, and similar models all take similar memory, they come with memory built in, but they dont give you much as standard.

The standard memory on say a laserjet 4+ will not allow you to print a black and white photo full a4 size, as it will complain about being out of memory. Complex prints often suffer the same fate... The lenght of time you need to wait for a page to come out can be lengthy with the normal standard memory installed.

Adding a additional memory simm, and the pages fly out faster,your print queue clears up quicker, and you can print full page photo's, drawings - anything really! The difference has to be seen to be believed.

Originally a memory upgrade would have cost hundreds, but now you can pick them up for a much more reasonable price, see my auctions as I have quite a few available (also check the feedback for satisfied customers!)


They are quite easy to fit, if you can fit a sim in a pc, you will have no trouble fitting one in a printer - a word of warning though, dont waste your time trying old memory out of you old computers in your printer (you can if you want to) as 99 times out of a hundred it wont work. HP printer memory is configured differently to most simms that were used in PC's, and will either be completely ignored by the printer, or fail the self test.


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