Why buying used clothing items is GREAT!

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Lady in front of a clothing landfill
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Lady in front of a clothing landfill

Why did I decided to sell mainly second-hand clothing instead of brand new?

Second Hand clothing is cheaper - you can buy lightly worn or used clothing or even new items for a fraction of the price it would be in a high street shop.

Used clothing is Eco Friendly - in 2012 Eco Green reported that the UK was throwing away a whopping 25 million pounds a year by sending clothes to landfills.

Be unique - Most retailers mass produce items for this season. used & Vintage clothing tend to be more unique & you are less likely to see your friend wearing the same item.
Find your style - You are able to experiment very cheaply, buy various different outfits and accessories for the different occasions.

Kit out your babies or kids & not worry about it - You can get your children the best designer items and it's not so bad when they get a hole in them.

These are just a few reasons to shop used clothing, I am very sure that there are many more good reasons. 

Ready to find some bargains???   SHOP NOW!

I have loads of pre-loved baby girl's  and boy's , children and women's wear for sale. Have a look, I am sure you will find some great bargains! Remember I also offer the 'Best offer' option allowing you to make me an offer in case you are not happy with the asking price ;) 

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