Why can't DSR/star ratings on POSITIVE Feedback be revised?

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How can DSR ratings help Sellers improve their performance if buyers are only able to revise a NEGATIVE feedback?

First of all most buyers are unaware that the DSR star rating system is NO LONGER ANONYMOUS. Buyers do not religiously read the General Announcements board & will more likely find out when a seller asks for feedback revision.

So...How come a low DSR/star rating on a POSITIVE Feedback can not be revised ?

Take these 2 scenarios

1. A Seller receives a NEGATIVE feedback and Low DSR Star ratings for a transaction. He contacts the buyer and makes a genuine effort to correct the situation and the buyer is now satisfied. This Seller can now request a Feedback Revision from the buyer. The Negative feedback and the low DSR ratings are revised to positive with 5 stars. In this instance the Seller used great customer service to remedy a problem and the detrimental ratings and feedback no longer reflect on the seller performance numbers used to determine the Seller's status, placings and discount. Everybody wins!

2. A Seller receives a POSITIVE feedback and Low DSR Star rating for a transaction.  However, unlike the aforementioned Seller there is no recourse! A Seller with a Positive Feedback and Low DSR rating can NOT access a feedback revision request and consequently can NOT have the low DSR ratings removed. Therefore this removes the incentive for the seller to make an effort to correct the situation. Everybody loses!

This is not logical.

As it stands, there is more chance of them retaining their seller status if the buyer is upset enough to leave a NEGATIVE feedback & 3 or less stars than a POSITIVE feedback with 3 or less stars.

A positive feedback with 3 or less stars CAN NOT be changed by the buyer
A negative feedback with 3 or less stars CAN be changed by the buyer

It is counter productive on many levels.

I predict eBay will eventually see this in the same light as anonymous feedback.

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