Why can't sellers give neg fb when buyer at fault???

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I was shocked to find out from a buyer that he had left me a neg. feedback when he wasn't happy I opened a case against him for non-payment (never mind that he loved the item), and that was after the usual timescale that a buyer has to pay for items plus I have set my ebay by default to open cases after non-payment so he had extra days to pay!?
Sorry! but personally as a buyer I pay for the item as soon as I have won the auction, my policy is if you are there for the buying then be there for the paying! Or at the very least let the seller know you've gone on holidays but don't blame the seller for following e-bay rules when it comes to non-payment.
Also I was a bit upset when I couldn't defend myself as e-bay only gives you a certain amount of characters when replying a feedback.
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