Why did Pay Pal take a Direct Debit from my Bank

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Do you disagree with a Direct Debit Pay Pal has taken from your Bank Account..

Do you have your Bank Account registered with Pay Pal ..

This is just a way to get back any money you are not happy with Pay Pal taking on the day they have taken it.

If you are a buyer Pay Pal can take the cost of you buying an item you have bought on eBay via Direct Debit, if there isn't enough funds in your Pay Pal account to cover the cost of the transaction you have made,  Pay Pal can also take money via Direct Debit from your Bank Account to pay for your monthly eBay fees if you are a seller

It is not always clear what day when and if these Direct Debits will hit your Bank Account, and the timing can sometimes be very inconvenient ! , if you have checked your Bank Account Today and seen a Direct Debit from Pay Pal come out when you were not expecting it !,  then the way to get this rectified is to go into your Bank in Person and ask them to help with filing in a Direct Debit imdenity form (this must be done before 13:00 on the same day you noticed the money was taken and you must have a good excuse to tell the Bank for doing this, like giving the reason that you did not agree to them taking the money and you received no warning that Pay Pal was going to), then the Bank will reverse the Direct Debit on the same day re-crediting your Bank account with the funds that have just been taken, of course DO NOT make a regular thing of doing this as it will cause problems for you with your Bank or Pay Pal and Permanently damage your relashonship with them.

Of course you must find another way to Pay for your transactions or monthly selling fees as soon as you can, perhaps by registering your Credit Card with Pay Pal temporally to pay for transactions or eBay sellers fees you can always remove your Credit Card Details from Pay Pal once you have paid for the transaction or seller fee


This is just a one off quick fix to Pay Pal taking the money when you didnt want them to ! and must NOT be used more than ONCE !

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