Why does my wireless keep dropping?

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Wireless technology has gone far over the past few years.
Right from the onset this technology would revolutionise networking as we know it, since there would be no need for wires running all over the place, which can also form a hazard in itself!

But with new technology comes new problems, one of which can be that you might find that your wireless keeps dropping out for some unknown reason.
Most of the time this can be simply because there are too many wireless devices in your house which are connected to the single wireless router.

A wireless router functions just like a ordinary wired ethernet router, but instead of ports for devices you will have antennae which will transmit the data to the wireless capable device on the other end.

However if there are too many devices accessing data through the wireless router, the router will sometimes drop into failsafe mode, reset itself, or hang.

You can sort this out by either short term or long term solutions.
short term would be to reset the device and keep the device in a cool ventilated place and away from other devices which can generate heat.

Long term solutions would involve an upgraded antennae or new router which is capable of connecting more devices at the same time.
Another cheaper solution would involve downloading an upgraded firmware for the device,
manufacturers are constantly trying to improve efficiencies in their devices, this would involve new firmware releases, keep an eye out for new firmware updates on the manufacturers website and search for your device in the updated list of firmware updates.

the wireless could be dropping because of 'dead zones' in your house or office.
These are areas where the wireless range is greatly reduced, this can be because of walls in between the router and your device, or other devices emitting radio waves which counter act the wireless radio waves such as microwaves. It is always a good idea to keep the wireless router in an open space, with as few walls between devices as possible, but in the real world this is not possible, so try to limit the number of walls between devices to as few as possible this will help with your wireless range.

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