Why ebay new search engine is crap.

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What an awful shame the search method is going to change. I know many who hate it, and have stuck with it purley because they didnt realise they could opt out.
Let me explain why it is so bad...
If I was searching a van.. Lets say for arguments sake an "LDV CUB".
Underneath that would be other suggestions... Like for instance, "Nissan Vanette", which just so happens to be the same as an LDV CUB, but a different name badge..
Also it would give "Nissan Vannette" which is a slightly different spelling to "Vanette".
What a shame you are going ahead with the new search... When offered similar choices, I am sure many many people clicked on them and bought because they hadnt initially thought about that item.
Also take this morning... I searched "Astravan" a van made by vauxhall...
For some reason i returned "1" van matching description..
Once I had deleted all cookies and resorted to the old style search..
Astravan returned "46" and also offered me "Astra Van" "Escort Van" Fiat Ducato" etc etc.
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