Why ebay's selling rules are hopelessly restrictive

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I would like to know why ebay feels so insecure about its market competition that it feels it should cancel legitimate auctions.

I twice tried to advertise something which fell foul of ebay rules: first time I advertised something in 'as new' condition, and ebay didn't like it (personally I think if I have an item that's as good as new then I should be able to describe it that way). Second time: exactly the same text as my 1st effort, but I removed "as new" and replaced it with "Excellent". This time ebay decided against my note about reserving my right to end the auction early if my item sold in a non-ebay advert elsewhere. This is ridiculous behaviour by a major online selling engine, and completely against the spirit of free competition. I don't care a hoot if ebay state that they're acting within their own rules - my concern is that those conditions shouldn't be there in the first place if ebay don't want to lose a loyal following.

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