Why is Your PC or Laptop Slow?

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Why is your PC Slow?


If you notice a sudden slowdown of your PC, sluggish and programmes taken a lifetime to load this could be down to Malware on your system.  Run both your anti-virus and malware software.

Running Software

Many people tend to have multiple programmes open at the same time.  This can be great for multi-tasking but as your processor is working a lot harder it will in turn slow down your system.

Try having one programme open at a time.  An alternative option is to increase your PC’s RAM which can also help with this.

Start Up Programmes

When it seems that your PC is taking a lifetime to load up this can be down to start up programmes that are set to run when your computer starts.  Disable these programmes and you should notice a big difference in your start up time.

Not Enough Memory

As mentioned above slow systems can be down to lack of memory (RAM).  Increase your systems memory for increased speed.

Program Junk

Over time your system will collect files during installations.  These can stay behind even when the program has been removed cluttering and slowing down your system

Full Hard Drive

People can have thousands of files on their system and still wonder why it is getting slower.  Back up your files to an external source freeing up space on your hard drive.

Cluttered Hard Drive

As files are moved and deleted over time this can leave your hard drive looking like a messy office.  Defrag your drive to compact these files.

Slow Internet

If the only time you notice your PC is slow is when you are on the internet it could simply be down to your internet provider.  Test your broadband speeds to ensure you are receiving what you should be or consider changing providers.

Old Drivers

Outdated hardware drivers can cause your system to slow down.  Ensure they are up to date to gain maximum benefit from your system.

Dirty Computer

Over time the inside of your desktop or laptop vents can become clogged with dust and dirt causing your fans and processor to work in overdrive.  Overheating is a common cause of systems slowing down and can also be potentially fatal to your systems processor.

We will also be releasing how you can rectify any of the above issues and handy tools to assist you in the upkeep of your system.

For further information on any of the above points please contact us.
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