Why it's best to write articles here and then Scoop.it

Like if this guide is helpful
Scoop.it is a new website designed to help people create content in the style of newspaper articles, rather similar to digg.it.

The problem is that if you write articles there and transfer them to these guide you would need to edit many screen pages together, and it it ends up so small as to be unreadable. 

It would be better to better to create articles like this one here on Ebay Guide and then place a link to your Scoop.it page.

You can write at the bottom your Scoop.it ID so that they can't accuse you of plagiarism. Edit it out after you have finished.

It's a shame though, if you have written item based content on Scoop.it. And they do produce much nicer looking articles, sorry Ebay...
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