Why my new wireless card does not work?

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New wireless card does not work in my laptop?

Many people who buy a new wireless card for their laptop assume that it will work flawlessly in their laptop, sometimes this is not the case. I will look at a number of relavant points in detail below.
  • 1. Many laptops have a blacklist in their bios as standard which limits the type, model and make of wireless card that can work with the machine, this is designed so that the customer has to buy a certain make and model of card to work with the machine.
That way the manufacturer can demand more money for the same card that can only cost a fraction of the price if it was another make or model of wireless card.
You can get further advice on this issue and certain fixes by doing a web search for things like: 'wireless card bios blacklist fix' But I hold no responsibility if you damage your system.
  • 2. Make sure that your laptop is compatible with your new wireless card, some laptops cannot work with wireless N cards, or cannot be downgraded to wireless b/g.
  • 3. Once you have purchased your new device, make sure you have the correct drivers in your operating system. Otherwise the new wireless card will not work!
  • 4. Make sure that you have enabled wireless in both your bios settings and in the operating system. Also make sure that you have enabled wireless by either pressing function and key combinations or a hardwired wireless switch which is usually located along the front or side of the laptop, make sure this switch is in the 'on' position.
  • 5. Try and ensure that the antennae wires are attached to the correct ports on the wireless card, otherwise you will find that the card either does not work or you have very poor reception.
  • 6. When inserting the card into the port, make sure the port is free from any debris or other cables getting in the way, that it is also secured by a clip or screw when fitting into place.
Once you have tried all these steps and the card still does not work, ask yourself did the laptop come with a wireless card in the first place? If it didn't then this may be because the wireless port itself is faulty on the laptop. Make sure you rule this out before spending any more money on wireless cards since no matter what card you put into a faulty wireless port, it will never work! You will then have to resort to using an external USB wireless card.
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