Why not to buy video games abroad, Unless you have to!

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Buying video games from other countries are usually a lot cheaper than the heavy taxation on British release games.

So you're browsing eBay or one of the many popular Asian distributors you find lurking around the corner, you spot the latest game in NTSC format or region free. "Sweet, £10 cheaper!" So after a short detail filling screen, you've purchased that amazing ground breaking game that everyone wants and nobody has. So about a week or so you get the delivery man at your door.."Yeah umm... you need to give me money, man." He isn't conning you because he wants the game, he's asking for import tax!

Depending on the thing you've bought and it's value you will be charged a lot more.
Your average game can vary from £4.40 to £8.20, not so much of a saving now, huh? Always beware of buying consoles too, even if they're PAL chances are that £20 saving is going to dwindle after the heavy £40 tax is enforced.
My own experience is from buying a DS lite, foolishly I bought it with a game an suffered the £45.80 wrath by the HM Customs and revenue.

Remember if you're buying abroad only buy if you have to, the only way to 'dodge' this tax is if they state on the declaration that it is a gift (not many people will!) and if you really can't wait for that video game, just remember to set aside the cash and always set aside more than you think you need. Don't have the cash? They will take it with them and they will keep it or send it back!
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