Why paypal and pick-up do not mix

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Please be aware that if you ever sell an item by paypal, in order to qualify for seller protection, you need to despatch it by a trackable form of delivery. That's not the same as proof of despatch. Trackable needs to be trackable the buyer's address.

Sellers who accept paypal payments and allow buyers to collect are puting themselves at extreme risk. If the buyer should subsequently submit a INR (Item not received) case, the seller will be unable to provide any tracking and will be unable to prove to paypal's satisfaction that the item has been picked up.

Given this scenario, paypal will find in favour of the buyer's INR claim and the seller loses BOTH the payment AND the item.

If a buyer wants to pick up the item, insist that they pay in cash. As a seller, you cannot refuse to accept paypal, but you can insist that if the buyer wants to pay by paypal, it will have to be despatched by a trackable method - in line with both eBay and Paypal policies.

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