Why should we Start composting everything we can

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Many of us already recycle our bottles and cans, but that still leaves a lot of other waste that is being dumped in landfill sites. We can't simply leave this problem to our local councils, we need to take a good look at our own waste and apply the best solution at source.

Over 30% of the waste we produce is compostable, just imagine the difference we could make if we took that much waste out of the waste stream. If you are throwing away organic waste, then maybe it's time for a rethink.

Start composting everything you can
That way you'll not only reduce waste, you'll also benefit from free home-made compost. Nothing beats good compost for improving your soil's structure and fertility.

Even if you're not a particularly keen gardener, improving your soil with compost brings benefits to the whole garden. Compost will increase the amount of microbial activity, this then has a knock on effect for insects and will eventually benefit all the wildlife that visits you.

Kitchen Waste
In the UK we actually throw away, on average, an unbelievable 50% of the food that we buy! So, the first thing that we can do to make a difference to the waste we produce is to buy less! Buying less also obviously means spending less, so if we were to take this saving as an opportunity to buy better quality, locally produced, fresh food it would bring even more environmental benefits.


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