Why should you buy from eBay seller securefixdirect?

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Why should you buy from eBay seller securefixdirect?

On the 9th of April 2013 I bought two 10 litre Jerry Cans for £24 from eBay seller securefixdirect and paid for them straight away.
My father had asked me to buy them for him as he doesn't have an eBay account.
The Jerry Cans were £12 each with free postage and although they weren't the cheapest on eBay my father wanted these ones as they were of a low height design and red in colour.
He needed the two Jerry Cans so he could go and pick up his boat from Weymouth where it had been moored for the winter, and take it back to Teignmouth and the low height Jerry Cans would be more stable in his boat for the journey back.
On the 10th April the Jerry Cans were marked as posted.
Then on the 16th of April I received a Royal Mail Grey card stating that I had to pay £14.35p as the sender didn't pay the full postage which left me speechless!
I took the card to the Royal Mail Depot and asked to see the parcel and sure enough no postage had been paid!
I didn't pay for the extra fee and I went home and contacted the seller via eBay messages as needless to say I was not very happy at all!
I sent a message stating that he would have to go online to Royal Mail fee2pay and pay the £14.35p and I also sent a photo of the grey Royal Mail fee card with the message as proof.
A guy called Jamie quickly replied to my message "Based upon this can you confirm how you know that this card is related to this transaction as I see that the picture you have attatched doesn't display the 'senders' address."
Fair enough I thought as he could have been paying for another person's parcel to be delivered to me.
But the only way to prove that the parcel was his would have been to pay the fee to get the invoice and the proof!
There didn't seem to be a return address on the outer packaging otherwise I would have asked the Royal Mail employee if I could take a photo of the parcel with the address showing next to the card.
I sent another message which basically said: "I need to know how you are going to resolve this problem and are you going to pay the postage fee?"
The message back from Jamie was:
I am going to re-send this out to you today. I will personally wrap it myself for you (I am the director) and I will also personally stamp it up first class as what it should have been. I will send this 'signed for' as well as a complimentary upgrade for you.
Please accept my apologies as I understand how frustrating this can be for any individual. I wouldn't be to happy if I was in the same situation. Now even though it is human error I will be having words with the individual who processed this job as I fully
appreciate the fact that you have emailed us rather than just leave a negative and open a case (this does happen in the world of ebay unfortanatly) I am sure you know yourself as a seller.
In the meantime the royal mail can send this one back to me. That charge is outragous (they increased there prices at the start of April this year) and I will be having words with our royal mail rep.
I hope that your satisfaction will be met and I hope that this isolated incident wont deter you from purchasing with us again.
If I can assist you any further then please dont hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards, Jamie.
A very nice message indeed from the company director of securefixdirect and such a quick resolve of the problem.
From contacting Jamie at securefixdirect about the problem to having it resolved and the Jerry Cans delivered was less than 24 hours.
So do I think is it worth buying from securefixdirect?
Yes it is.
They offer an outstanding friendly customer service and if there is a problem then it is resolved very quickly and without fuss.
Most of my messages were replied to within 10 minutes.
As a little thank you to Jamie at securefixdirect I have done an eBay guide about your company (which I don't normally do as it is actual products themselves that I always write about).
Thank you again securefixdirect and I do hope to deal with you again in the near future as I know that I can buy from you with confidence.
I hope that you have found this guide useful and please don't forget to vote as it is free to do so and only takes a moment.
The more votes I receive the more inclined I am to spend my valuable free time writing more eBay Guides and Reviews for you.
Many thanks.
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** UPDATE **
I have received a surprise very generous discount offer off my next purchase from the director of securefixdirect just for writting this guide and just shows you what a very nice company they are to deal with.
Sadly there isn't anything else my father or myself needs from their vast stock but thank you anyway and the offer was very much appreciated.
I didn't write this guide in order to receive a discount or free goods and wrote it as the company director mentioned that no one had written a guide or review about his company.
As my problem was resolved lightning fast I thought that securefixdirect deserved to have a decent first guide written about their company.
I have given full permission for the company to use a link to this guide or to quote anything I have said to use in their current or future eBay listings.
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