Why to always sell an item through eBay.

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The reason i have chosen to write a guide on this subject, is because I myself stupidly ignored eBay's warnings to not end a listing and sell the the product to someone outside of eBay. The reason eBay warns you against this is because selling through eBay grants you a degree of protection against frauds and liars. However despite these warnings I stupidly choose to end the listing of one of my products and sell the item via PayPal, I don't know what complied me to end the listing but I stupidly did. I ended having to spend to weeks fighting a PayPal claim with the person who brought the product, however before I had made the listing I made sure that the product I was selling had been checked by a professional and had a letter written to prove this factor just in case something went wrong. luckily because I had the written letter to use as evidence the PayPal claim was voted in my favor meaning that the money i would have lost was returned to my account. All I can say is I was extremely lucky and I'm glad I planned ahead like a did, but I will advise all of my fellow eBay sellers to take heed of the eBay warnings not to sell outside of eBay, so that hopefully none of you have to deal with what I did. o please make sure if someone asks you to sell outside of eBay you say no and instead end your listing and re-list the item so that the person who made you the offer can buy the product through the listing which means you are protected :)

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