Why to by the Lenovo S6000 tablet

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My top 5 reasons to buy the Lenovo S600 tablet

  1. The price- many people have lots of money to spend on the latest Apple tablet, I on the other hand don't. My birthday had recently come up and i decided to spend my money on a tablet. This was the one I chose; it was £169.95, which I think is a very good price.
  2. The size- I wanted a white 10 inch tablet with a decent amount of memory and there weren't that many tablets with this requirement in my budget. I wasn't that bothered in the color so went for  the black with a 10 inch screen
  3. Screen quality-  I personally didn't mind that much about the screen quality as long as it was alright. I have to say so far the sound quality hasn't failed me.
  4. Apps- I am a big fan off apps and I wanted to be able to play good games as well as having tools that may help me with my day to day life. Fortunately I got as i wanted, the tablet is powered by Google and therefore has Google play. In my opinion the Apple app store is better than Google play as it has a few more apps that I occasionally use. Neither the less Google play has am extremely wide range of apps.
  5. Sound quality-  I am by not means a tablet expert but from what I can hear coming from my tablet, the sound quality is very good. I listen to all my music on my tablet via Spotify and I get on very well with the sound
My tablet
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My tablet
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