Why trading ethically is important-

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Ethical and fairtrade of handmade crafts is of paramount importance today.

As Society becomes more mechanised a Global heritage may be lost to future generations, as many artisans are struggling simply to survive.

Many craftspeople around the World live in very remote communities, which have traditionally been focused around farming.  They have diversified from farming, and are using traditional crafts skills to earn a living. These skills being utilised have been handed down from generation to generation, and include needlework, wood carving, metalwork and weaving.

Sadly many artisans around the World suffer severe hardships.  We hear about Africa, and Korea, but did you know that many artisans living in Cambodia and Vietnam were killed during the terrible times of the Khmer Rouge?  These people suffered dreadfully and are still piecing their communities back together.  Vietnam is trading with the West, and is particularly noted for exquisite embroidery.  All of this re-building of trade and re-surgance of skills takes times, and is not easy!

Please take time to discover the many wonderful crafts skills Worldwide, and you'll discover some of the most sublime work you've ever seen.  Supporting these true artisans is a must, you'll be helping people to re-build their communities and help heal shattered lives.  All of this can only be done though if we trade ethically.  If we don't trade ethically then human suffering and degradation is only perpetuated.  We all must trade ethically to ensure no artisan or community is exploited in any way.  This means working towards exemplar business trading, not just a fair wage for work, but making sure that working conditions are acceptable, that people are protected and respected, and that human dignity is held as our benchmark.

It is important that the West continue to support and encourage the uptake of these traditional and ancient craft skills, otherwise some may be lost forever!

We at Atelier Maison are proud to have been awarded ETHICAL BRAND status, which means we aim always to trade ethically, and to respect our trading partners.  We work towards exemplar business trading.
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