Why use Lubricants

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See our help page Why use lubricants Why use lubricants?

Enjoyment – everyone who has sex can enhance the experience with the wide range of lubricants available and even those who don’t have sex can still improve their enjoyment during masturbation

. Have fun with lubricants – they are a great!

Foreplay – lubes are great for extended foreplay. Any hand can feel rough when they first start to stimulate their partner. By warming a little lube in your hands your attentions will be far more welcomed.

 They will also love having their parts teased with lube-moistened hands and manual stimulation will take on a whole new feeling.!!

Sexual health – Using a lube with a condom reduces the risk of condoms breaking as there is less friction. In this way, lube has an important part to play in promoting safer sex.!!

There are times when a women’s natural lubrication is lower than usual. This can be due to regular hormonal fluctuations that are just part of the monthly cycle, after childbirth, during and after menopause or even as a result of stress and tiredness. At these times a lube is a simple yet very effective way to ensure a positive and healthy sex life. Without lubrication sex can be painful which can reduce desire.

If you enjoy anal activity then it is vital you lubricate, lubricate, lubricate. Otherwise tiny tears can occur which in turn can harbour infection. We have a full selection avalable in our EBay shop

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