Why use an oil burner?

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Having young kids , dogs and cats, i would often get a whiff of something unpleasant in the house (usually after the dogs had been for a walk and it started to rain, wet dog is unmistakeable).  A few months ago i saw a friend of mine had an oil burner and when she lighted the tea light under the bowl filled with water and vanilla essential oil, it gave me the idea to try this at home as the smell was so lovely.
   Firstly i looked at all the different  burners there  are out there, some actuallylook ornamental   and could be used as a decoration  in the home.  There are also a vast array  of essential oils to use in them from more traditional to fruity to mellowing depending on your mood or what you like. 
  The initial cost of a burner can range from a couple of pounds to about £20, a pack of tea lights another couple of pounds and the essential oils are usually £1-£1.50. For all that seems abit costly for a fragranced home it actually works out cheaper than using things  like air fresheners .  Pack of tea lights will last ages with  about 4-5 hours burn time per candle and as you only need a couple of drops of the essential oils  a 10ml bottle can go along way. 
   To sum up i think oil burners are cheaper to use than air fresheners, they  are more environmental friendly ( no aerosols) , there are many fragrance to suit  and i find the smell lasts longer. 

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