Why, when selling stamps, honesty is the best policy.

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I am always amazed at the levels some sellers will go to bend the truth as to what is within any lot.

You come across so many that just go for the quick buck and never focus on establishing a loyal following who know what to expect from you.

For me, I would rather take a picture of each and every item and allow a prospective buyer to decide what constitutes a good lot. And if pictures cannot tell the whole story then at least be honest.

If an album your selling is sparse then say so. Don't stretch the truth by saying "useful album, hidden treasures". You'll be found out and only destroy what little reputation you have as a seller. 

Honesty is a word sadly lacking in so many sales, and life in general, but you reap what you sow. 

I would prefer a loyal few than a crowd of unhappy buyers who will never buy off you again but may well spread a bad word about you.

eBay protects both buyers and sellers from all manner of devious practices but it still comes down to good old honesty when you sell items on eBay.

I wrote this, of course, to re-iterate my own approach - my feedback says this loud and clear.  But those that doubt will no doubt remain sceptical but at least I've offered some encouragement and have tried to move away from that statement of fact - "Buyer Beware" - happy bidding.
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