Why you should buy your child jigsaws

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What is so great about jigsaws?

Jigsaws are often overlooked and seen as an old fashioned and basic toy in comparison with the wide availability of electronic toys in the market displaying shows of lights and sounds which will drive you, as a parent crazy! Jigsaws have been on the market for manny years and never seem to get "old" infact jigsaw puzzles are not only for children, many adults enjoy building a jigsaw puzzle and see it as a relaxing and therapeutic activity.
jigsaws can be found in a variety of formats depending on a child's age, they can have large wooden pieces with handles to grip on to for small hands, foam floor puzzles, cardboard puddles with large or small pieces and you can even buy 3d jigsaws!!
Jigsaws help promote learning and development through hand eye coordination, problem solving,  and also fine motor skills and hand dexterity.
In conclusion, I think it is important that parents recognise that there is much more to jigsaws than what they may first think and that they can be valuable learning toys that help in many areas of development through play.
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