Why you should read small print on EVERYTHING

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This is a guide about why you should read the small print on things that come in the post offering you a fantastic deal on something. As you can guess, i have fallen in this pit and have suffered for it, so don't make the same mistake.
I recently recieved an offer from a book club deal saying that I could buy a great collection of books written by the best authors RRP for £149.99 and I would get these great books for only £13.99, could this deal be to good to be true? I thought not and send of for this great collection of books, however, of course, it was to great to be true! I was stuck into a contract deal with this monstrous book club and had to buy a minimum of 4 books in that year AND every month they will send me the editors choice of book for around £30 a month or I have to contact them every month to make sure they don't send me the books every month.
So that is why should always read the small print on everything that you receive in the post!
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