Wii - Disc Read Error Problem - Disc Could Not Be Read

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Some Wii owners are experiencing problems when trying to play their games. Either when clicking on the Disc Channel, or at random/certain points during a game, some people are getting a "Disc could not be read, please read your Wii Operations Manual." This is very frustrating, especially if the game is new or in excellent condition.

There possible reasons could be:

A. Your Wii has been knocked or dropped and a mechanical fault has occoured.
B.You are playing a game which uses a dual-layered disc as its media, and your Wii console has an inherent fault in the laser mechanism when trying to read these discs.You may hear an unusual clunking sound when your Wii is loading from the disc, like audio or visual files.
C. You've put the disc in the wrong way.
D. The disc has some slight marks or hsrd-to-see damage.
E. An unknown error occoured. (Crashed/Over heating).

Things to try:

1. If you think it might be A or B, Nintendo offer a free repair service. Just enter Nintendo.com, click on the UK site, and select the Express repair service. Postage and repair are free for up to 1 year after purchase of your Wii.

2. If you think it's no A or B, it may be that your Wii is overheating. Try placing your Wii flat on the floor instead of upright, with the disc loading slot at the top. This may help with a smoother running of your system.

3. Ensure your putting the disc in the right way, with the label facing away from the ON/OFF buttons.

4. Clean your disc VERY carefully. Use a soft cloth, and don't go in circular movements, start from the inner rim of the disc and head towards the edge. If there are slight marks, mark sure that area is cleaned.
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