Wii Fit Fakes entering the UK Read our Guide

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With the credit crunch under way, we all want to save money, and still buy expensive products, and its without a doubt that for sellers like myself difficult times when sales drop.
For some sellers sourcing products CHEAPER is very appealing, BUT please think carefully before doing this, BUYERS also think very carefully before buying a Wii Fit for less than £80 on Ebay.  Yes i know the RRP is £69.99, and I also know that for the majority of Ebayers buying in a Wii Fit is costing us around £80 + vat.
This is due to the shortage of wii fits at the moment, it makes sense that the cost price will increase.
So today  17th September 2008, a very sad light has been loomed ......   Copies and Fakes of the Wii Fit ARE IN THE UK......
Nintendo are aware of this of course, and although I havnt seen a copy myself, I have been researching this in depth and finding out as much info as I can, all I can pass on to you is that - its a very good copy, and hard to spot the difference.
What a sad, sad day for Nintendo to have there precious Wii Fit copied....  It was bound to happen though, Most of these are coming out of China direct to the UK and through EU Channels.
I will give you some pointers to help you avoid buying a Copy.

If you spot a bargain on ebay, say a BUY IT NOW for £60.....  ask yourself a question, (its abit cheap isnt it), so Email the Seller...
1.  Find out where they bought it
2..Find out the serial number of the item, these are normally on the boxes, or should be easy for the seller to locate inside the box
3.  Have a look at the nintendo website  REGISTER YOUR PRODUCTS (try typing in the serial number) and see if it comes up.....

If it dosnt - dont panic straight away, it may not necessarily mean its a copy, so why not give nintendo help desk a call, tell them you have found a wii fit for sale, give them the serial number and see if they can confirm that it is an original, BEFORE YOU BUY.....
Keep all email correspondance from the Seller, and when your wii fit arrives, check the serial number again, just to be safe.  If you have a fake and do know  it - you will have no warranty.

All of our nintendo wii's and wii fits, are serial checked before we ship them.  I strongly disagree with selling fakes and copies, and believe me Nintendo are onto this, and  searching through the markets to locate all fakes and copies of their products.
I hope you found this helpful, just be careful and sensible when buying...

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