Wii fit bought at Argos 02/09/2008

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Searched and search for the Wii fit couldn't find one, even had Wii fit alert up on the computer but all that came up were Wii fits for over £108. 00 or more excluding delivery and I point blank refused to pay that amount, when the RRP is only £69.99.

After 5 days of scouring the internet for it, I finally located one at Argos in Streatham for £69.99, I reserved it and picked it up on the same day (02.09.08) as I didn't want to take any chances of them cancelling my reservation.

So there are Wii Fits out there for the RRP, just keep searching, why should you have to pay way over the odds for it. It's brilliant, for someone like me who is very lazy when it comes to excercise I'm loving it.

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