Will my item sell on eBay?

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You've bought something you like, but you don't want it.
You've seen something you like and wonder if it will sell on eBay.
You've something very nice and want to put it on eBay.

We've all been through this. We see an item - whatever it is - and blindly put it on eBay expecting to sell it for a good profit.
Then we wonder why it doesn't sell for anywhere near the price we expected.
What went wrong?

The key to selling on eBay is to do some research and logical thinking. Just because you like an item does not mean it will sell. I cannot stress this enough.

The first stage is to think about this item.
Are there likely to be a lot of these on eBay, or is it a specialised item?
If there are a lot on eBay, then you're likely to up against big wholesalers who can buy cheap and sell cheap.
If it's a specialised item, the market will be a lot smaller - but in either case don't be put off trying.
Is you item seasonal? It's no good trying to sell Christmas related goods in February or sunglasses in November.
Is it the best time of the year to list? I've found the period from one week before Christmas to New Year's Day very quiet.

The second stage is to do a search of the items currently on eBay to see how many are currently listed.
Are there any Buy It Now items at very low prices? Many sellers offer items at a loss to entice visitors to their eBay shop. We see this in everyday life in supermarkets where they put loss leaders on display to draw you to other goods in the same area.

If your item already swamps eBay, consider adding an accessory (If you have one) and sell it as two items in one.

The third stage is to search completed orders for your item.
How many sold over the last month?
For how much did it sell?

The final stage is to look at the listings where the item sold for a good price. Was there something about the description that made it sell? Was there an accessory included? Are there a few days either side when this items wasn't listed. Then choose a day to list when your item has not been listed in the - say - last three days.

Follow these steps and you will increase your chances for selling.

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