Windows 7 or Windows 8 For Gaming PC?

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 When you are a gamer, you always want to have the best PC components in order to play the latest games at high quality. However, having the best components might not cut the slack all the time, since the operating system that you use can hurt or improve the game experience. As a gamer, you will use either Windows 7 or Windows 8 for gaming, so we have placed the two of these into a small comparison to see which is the most suitable for your gaming sessions.

When it comes to Windows 8, you need to know that it offers complete support for the Windows Store, which means that all the games there are exclusive to this version of Windows and cannot be played on Windows 7.

However, Windows 8 also comes with the modern UI interface that can be very hard to maneuver, especially by a gamer which places a lot of emphasis on speed. Booting straight to the desktop is a great way to save time, and Windows 7 does offer that.

From a performance standpoint, there aren’t any notable differences, but it does matter the system you run Windows on. If you have an older system, then Windows 7 can perform slightly better than 8, but the differences are mainly minimal, which means that both 7 and 8 are great for gaming, as long as you have a capable gaming pc for playing the games you want.

But performance isn’t the only issue here, as both versions of Windows come with some technical differences. For example, Windows 7 doesn’t offer complete support for Direct 3D 11.1 and the latest version of Direct X is not supported in a native manner like in the case off Windows 8. The latter brings support for all of those, which might make it the best candidate if you want to keep your computer up to date and with software support for the latest technologies.

What makes Windows 7 good for gaming is the fact that it is a mature OS with a lot of security updates and performance tweaks under its belt, while for many Windows 8 is still improving. However, when it comes to choosing a version of Windows more suitable for gaming, we would suggest Windows 8. Yes, it might be newer and without that much maturity as an OS, but it comes with some better features such as improved support for newer features, especially graphics related ones.

Still, if you are a Windows 7 user, there’s no need to upgrade to Windows 8 just for gaming, as Win 7 is a solid OS for gaming. The Windows 8 recommendation comes as a future proof solution for gamers that are buying a new custom PC.

If you don’t like the layout of Windows 8 you can modify it with a Windows 7 style start menu using Start8. 
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