Windows Optimisation Tips and Tricks

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First Steps After Installing Windows

If you have just installed Windows 10, chances are unless you have a pretty modern computer that you will be missing some drivers, runtimes, Java, Shockwave etc. The program I use to install drivers is called "snappy driver installer", this is a totally free open source program that you can download from the Internet. It is a pretty hefty download if you include the driver packs, however you can install the program itself, and it will find all the missing drivers from a community driven project and will then download them.

The second thing you want to take care of is the missing runtimes etc. A fantastic service is provided free of charge for non commercial use by "ninite" You can go to this website, select all the software, runtimes etc you require and you can download a personalised installer. This installer will then run through and install all the programs you selected.

Tips and Tricks

Although a personal choice, I would ditch the bundled Windows 10 Edge browser and install Chrome or if you want the open source alternative, you can install Chromium. Once Chrome is installed, click on the 3 vertical lines to enter the settings menu, from here you want to download the fantastic ublock origin extension, which means ads will be a thing of the past. I would also add sprucemarks to auto organise your bookmarks, history eraser if you want to keep your browsing history private.
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