Windows XP 32 Bit Hardware to Windows Vista 64 Bit

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Firstly, if you are new to the web and ebay welcome. Secondly, if you are new there is every chance that your new PC and equipment is on a Windows Platform with a Vista 64bit operating system installed already.

This guide is more aimed at PC owners considering to change from 32 bit to 64 bit technology using slightly dated Computer hardware, or second user equipment. The realistic and most economic way to move over to Windows 64 bit technology, is to purchase a new PC system, with the operating system installed. For the manufacturer would of installed the new operating system onto the new hardware, or at least ensured that the hardware that makes up your new PC is 64 bit compatible.

I am promoted to write this guide based on years of experience, building and installing 32 bit technology and familiar with the many problems that one can come across even as an expert. Hours can be spent tracking down drivers, bios updates and more. It can take hours sometimes and in certain cases even days.

To buy a PC second hand or even new from a retailer and then to buy separately your operating system can be a fatal mistake. For even getting connected to your existing internet connection for drivers could be a no, no, based on the Network Card and Modem that you are using. If you have a network running, it is wise as you change and upgrade a PC to vista, that you keep an existing PC running on 32 bit technology to take inthe software and driver downloads required.

When considering the move over to Vista, please remember from the motherboard through to every other hardware device in relation to graphics, sound, network etc. May not support 64 bit technology. Or if the hardware can carry a 64 bit operating system, there is no guarantee that the manufacturer has built a driver for the new 64 bit operating system of your choice.

99% of ebay members try their best to offer as much information as possible. But sometimes it is worth bearing in mind and to double check the specifications of any equipment that you are buying from the manufacturers web site. Yahoo are especially geared to offer accurate search engine results for models of hardware. You just enter the model and vendors name into the search.

I believe a transaction can be fueled to the point of distrust and negativity in these cases. Where in truth the seller has tried to provide as much information as possible regarding the hardware item he or she is selling. The buyer then purchases the hardware failing to research the right product. Then only to find it is not compatible. As a result as mentioned negativity.

Dependent upon your level of experience, you must first check through information available from the web that any hardware you decide to purchase, has no issues with the new 64 bit operating system and that they as a manufacturer of a network, sound or graphics card for example "Support it" which are the two most important words. Always remember before installing any operating system, make sure that the chipset drivers support the new technology. As the motherboard will also need to ne compatible. As you will need to flush the bios and install updates.

So as a safe guide and bet, if not sure, leave it or call a professional. Reduce the risk by buying new on ebay, for 64 bit technology. Ask Vendor of PC build to recommend additional devices or discus your proposals to establish compatibility and the PC system, supports the operating system, motherboard and processor(s) in relation to AGP or PCI Slot Graphics, Network, Sound Cards etc.

To get drivers today are not that easy either, the recent scam of the net is asymalated pages generated from search results detail 3 similar web sites for drivers, but this is just a scam to get you to sign up and then your email is sold off. The used to be free and a reliable and popular resource. But it is always imperative to seek out the manufacturers web site of the hardware you have purchased to get the correct softeware and drivers.

I hope this guide is of some little help. The golden rule is to write down every aspect of the hardware and cross reference through search, the vendor and of course Microsoft.

Warmest Regards

Alastair Agutter

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