Windows XP - The installed scam...

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The “installed” scam…

Buying a laptop or PC is an important decision... you want quality, reliability and above all, peace of mind... which includes making sure your software is genuine.

The operating system is one of the systems software foundations... nearly everything you do will involve the operating system... which is why you should make sure your operating system is LEGAL!

There are numerous listings out there that offer laptops with "Windows XP Installed" or similar phrases, yet do not specify whether a certificate of authenticity is provided. This is a vital part...

A Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) for the installed operating system must be provided with the installed software or you could be buying ILLEGAL SOFTWARE!!


So... If in doubt, ask the seller a question: Does this laptop come with a [OPERATING SYSTEM NAME] Certificate Of Authenticity?


What does a COA look like then?

This is a COA (see above picture). You should also notice the 25 digit code running along the centre (I've crossed out some parts in red!). This is also vital, as it will be needed if you should have to reinstall the operating system.



Linux, on the other hand is an open source operating system, and does not require a COA.


Stay safe, stay legal ensure you receive a COA!


Happy bidding,




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