Winning an Item and not Recieving it!

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I recently bought a duvet set on ebay, on a reputable site and the item didn't arrive. I waited 3 weeks before complaining and the woman said she didn't have a tracking number...but on her ebay page she said all items came with a tracking number....I asked for my money back and as yet have not received it.  Needless to say I feel quite I opened a dispute with ebay. She didn't respond, so I escalated it.

For what it's worth, it is ALWAYS worth reporting someone who refuses to return your goods or money, as ebay will deal with them, and you always have the choice of leaving bad feedback, but this is gone in a matter of a day if they are busy!!!

Take every step possible to ensure ebay remains a safe place to buy, and do not accept less than you are promised. Shops on the high street wouldn't do it, so why should these con merchants?

I will reveal the name of my ebay user if anyone is worried about it, as she has done nothing to earn protection, and let's write our experiences on here, good or bad and let's make an example of those who think its OK to rip us off for our money!!
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